Window & Solar Panel Cleaning


We have invested in the latest equipment to eliminate the dirt and debris accumulated throughout the year!

Window cleaning can help remove this build-up and restore a crisp, clear view outside your home. Don’t let dirty windows negatively impact your home, making it difficult to see in or out. This will improve the ambiance and appeal of your property, letting in natural light!

Don’t spend another weekend cleaning your windows!

Give yourself a break and hire the window cleaning experts at MJ Baltimore Cleaning! Please make an appointment that works for your schedule and get your windows as clean as possible!

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NOTE: We recommend this service in the spring or fall to prevent repairs due to the buildup of pollutants, dirt, and pollen!


Your solar panels may not be working as effectively or efficiently as they could be; when was the last time you had them cleaned? It is estimated that dirty solar panels can lose nearly 25% of their energy. Solar panels are vulnerable to things like bird poop, dirt, grime, debris, and leaves throughout the year.
We have the right equipment and materials to clean your solar panels so that they produce at their maximum efficiency!

What are you waiting for?

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